You’re probably thinking where the link to crypto is when we have gift in our company name. Well let’s rewind to the very early stages of RGIFTS and the journey of our CEO before incorporating RGIFTS. At the same time, Rhys finished high school he also found himself leaving home at an early age wondering how he was going to make money and build a life for himself. He found himself in a poor area of his local town and that’s where he stayed for a few years. 

During that time he made friends and got to know a lot of the neighbours, more so than in any other area he has lived in since. The way people used to help each other out in times of need and would offer their help when he was working on new projects left a huge impression on him. Rhys was on benefits at the time, applying for crisis loans and using food banks from time to time. 

Rhys was increasing his knowledge of eCommerce year on year with numerous small projects, eBay shops and small-time investing. He found it almost impossible to get funding for any of his projects and was having trouble with opening bank accounts and managing debt. After spending his late teens and early twenties on a low income and around friends on low incomes he really wanted to start taking things more seriously and RGIFTS was born. At first, Rhys learned the skills he needed to grow the company. Basic web development, graphics, business management, HR, Finance, and more. As the business grew he wanted to offer friends and the people around him an equal chance at learning new skills and a chance to be part of his journey.

Equality has been at the heart of RGIFTS journey from day one. The charities we work with, the learning opportunities we have offered, and the way we put every customer at the centre of our business making sure each and every person gets treated exactly the same. Aside from RGIFTS Rhys had been a Bitcoin broker on Local bitcoins and had a massive interest in Cryptocurrency before RGIFTS was incorporated.

The fact Bitcoin offers everyone in the world the opportunity to access a form of money and transact with people all over the world is incredible empowerment to billions of people around the world. Something we perhaps take for granted in the UK. Bitcoin has the potential to change the world in a way we have never experienced before, even more so than the internet. It’s for this reason we have started our crypto journey. We believe with our knowledge and resources that we can be part of this revolution and movement and the key to doing this will be to educate as many people as we can around the globe in an accessible way for all.

why bitcoin matters to rgifts

Bitcoin is more than just Internet money, it’s far deeper than that and we hope we can help other people understand why it is so important with the potential to change society for the better. For thousands of years, money has allowed us to progress as a species and create relationships in all areas of life. Without it, society would struggle to exist at all.

The fact is we have lived too long with a flawed financial system that is aimed at enriching the few at the expense of the many and Bitcoin is our best shot at reversing this narrative. After all, money should empower our species to evolve and improve our future, not by the owners of huge corporations a new yacht.

In the past few years, we have realised RGIFTS is much more than eCommerce, our products rely on complex code for them to create each order on an individual basis and turn the product into an experience.

We have recently undergone a rebrand with the aim to highlight that we are a tech company full of tech-savvy staff ready to take on more than our current projects in the gift industry. Who knows, perhaps one day you will be paying for your loaf of bread with an RGIFTS crypto wallet. But for now, education will be our goal and we will leverage our technical-minded staff to create an app that’s for the average person as well as tech and economically minded people.

You can follow Rhys on his Bitcoin journey via his social media channels over on the Meet the Team page – go check him out!