"RGifts Mission is to support charities and to make a difference where we can"

Our company mission is to support charity and give back when and where we can. From the very beginning of our journey Rhys, CEO of RGifts, took the initiative to share his wealth across Wales to support local charities as RGifts became more established. In doing so, he made many valuable contacts.

Rhys built a particularly strong connection with Angela, CEO of Life for African Mothers in Cardiff, back in 2014. As RGifts has grown, Rhys has shared resources to help support them continue to do the amazing work they are doing for women in Sub-Saharan Africa. The Life for African Mother’s mission is to save the lives of mothers with support through their midwife program and providing a life-saving drug called Misoprostol which prevents postpartum hemorrhaging. 

charity RGifts

The Life For African Mothers team are dedicated to this cause and RGifts donates a percentage of their profits yearly to support their efforts to save lives. Supporting charities is part of RGifts mission and we would look forward to helping your cause. Supporting a charity in any way you can we believe should be a focus for more than just companies, and for individuals too. Monetary support is not the only donation that charities can benefit from – simply donating your time, objects that you may not want anymore or even sharing a post on social media can do so much for a charity. 

Also, check out all the other great charities we’ve supported over the past few years. Overall, we have supported Movember, Feed Our Frontline, Bowel Cancer UK, Make A Wish UK, Children In Wales/Plant Yng Nghymru and many more. We continue to support charities that we believe are there to make a difference. 

Please contact us and let us know how we could work together to support you!